TrendReport S/S'11

TrendReport S/S2011

| HAIR: natural red or champagne blonde.
| MAKE_UP: Bright pink lips (eyes natural) / green or blue eyes (azure)
| NAILS: Gradient (example: 5 kinds of blue), and must-have: pastel green.
| COLORS: Azure green, Pastel green, Lila, Bright red, Bright pink, soft hue yellow, and gradiƫnts such as (pink-purple, blue-green)
| FABRICS: crochet, leather, suede, handcraft.
| PARTY_FASHION: LRD (Little Red Dress), Jumpsuits.
| DAILY_FASHION: "Peruvian nomad hippy"
  A lot of colors (especially pastel), fringes, leather laces, strings)

Fringes go all the way! Bags, shoes, skirts, tops...
Do not avoid color combinations! Mix those colors up! There's an opportunity to clash! Gradiƫnts within a fabric are hot! The little black dress is replaced by red or champagne white dresses. Also the D of dress turns into a J of jumpsuit.

Grap those colors and go for it!

"Peruvian nomad hippy"