TREND s/s2013: Paisley Bandana shirts

Remember this awkward trend from the '90s where you wear a paisley printed bandana as a top? It's back. But luckily it's improved in fashion sense and style. Colors: traditional red and navy. Trendsetters: same as then, the hiphop community (Rhude, American brand)
Back in the days // '90s trend
Rhude's populair bandana paisley T-shirt for men:

Rhude // men's paisley t-shirt

Now in store Netherlands 2013.. 

Levi's // Bandana T-Shirt
Illustrated People // crop top bandana print
SHOP TIP: If you live in Amsterdam, go to Zipper (9 straatjes). They have paisley tees with nice fabric that give you that authentic retro feeling instantly.