Trend forecast fashion & online technology for 2012

Expression of the individual has always been key in fashion. Whereas in the past catwalks and shop windows served to display and promote, it is now more or less acquired by the Internet. At the moment, websites and forums are used as self-expression platforms. Fashion sites pop up like daisies. 

A couple of best practices: is a website where people can share their own outfit or ‘look’ and get ranked by others. Lookbook. nu has 3,2 million visitors a month.
Lina from Germany who got credits for her look by 3255 other members so far. 

Or take for instance online community an amount of 7 million viewers per month. On this forum you can express your styling skills by creating and sharing mood boards. 

Another up and coming one is the website (of Dutch origin). which has over half a million monthly visitors worldwide. Members collect and share their online found fashion items. This is an online follow up on the so-called treasure hunting trend where people look for special, unique, vintage or limited edition (fashion) items and must-haves. 
Some findings on by me (TrendMaid)
Social media, television and websites are more and more becoming channels for self-expression. Individualism becomes exhibitionism. The format and use of new media fueled the need of putting yourself out there. The combination of the possibility to expose and the need to express will encourage people to display their personality and vision.

In 2012 we can expect.. more new media technology in fashion based on sharing. There will be augmented reality technology in fitting rooms soon, which enables us to show our potential purchases straight from the offline shop. We can use our smartphones to share our fashion findings (treasures) by scanning the label of an item with QR-code technology. And when that perfect pair of boots walk by, you can Google them with your phone’s camera (by using the Google application). In 2012, and beyond, we will love to share and express ourselves on a level in which it becomes a social rank, status or even life standard.